I miss my crazy Bavarians. 

05:50 Day 24 - The view outside. (Festung Hohensalzburg)
16:47 Day 19 - Island hopping 🌴
16:47 Day 18 - Island pop up.
16:47 Day 18 -  Exploring Venezia.
16:46 Day 15 - The hike was worth the view! Vernazza by far was my favourite town of Cinque Terre.
16:46 Day 14 - Torre pendente di Pisa.

I’m sitting by a river in the English Garden reflecting about my journey so far…


I hung out with this German girl after the city tour, and we had dinner with her work colleagues and relocated to find a place that served Augustiner beer. 

I had 0.5L of beer (on my second day in Munich). Normally I can’t down beer, but dayum Bavarian beer is sah good. Okay, I’m still Radlers before I can build up my tolerance for 1L beer beers. 

07:38 canona:

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05:13 Hallo tumblr,Left Salzburg this morning and enjoyed the green scenery as I travelled across the border. I went shopping for clothes after I checked in as I wasn’t sure what there is to do—plus the temperature is dropping so I bought a couple of knits from Zara as they’re having a huge sale. I bought some food from Aldi—I’m just soo tired—and was excited when I came across zip lock bags, I didn’t bring enough and have been looking for them for the past couple of weeks. I feel so disconnected from home. I’ve only kept in constant contact with Nhat and emailed my parents/cousin/and one of my biffles every now and then—the other one? I haven’t heard from in weeks, which I kinda questioned and then thought ‘okay, whatever’ which is so unlike Melbourne Me. Travelling solo and somewhat minimal has totally changed my take on life, although I won’t write about it today—as I can hear music outside, I’m gonna check out what it is. 

And I’m off to Munich today. Left booking accommodation to the last minute so I’m staying in 3 different places over the course of 5 night, which seems a lot… Hopefully I’ll be fitting a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle…

16:20 goodeggsnyc:

Happy Pride Weekend from the farmer’s market!
Image via Good Eggs SF Instagram