01:32 Me when a tv series ends
19:41 On these cold Melbournian days,  I wish I was back in Roma, Italy, wandering the cobblestone streets.  (at Rome)

Ended my trip with a French man making me dinner and drinking lots of wine in a Parisian apartment. I don’t want to leave Europe! :(


Don’t want to go back home in 5 days or so. Definitely treating myself to a  Prada wallet when I get back to Paris. 


Mother has a nice way of delivering all the bad news to me that’s going on back home. She’s like since you’ll be home in a few days, I might as well tell you now. It’s too much to handle, far out. 

17:50 Dear tumblr,Having connections with people around the world is like the one the best things while travelling. I haven’t had a slow morning in a while, and it also means I can dress normally for once since I’m not in a rush to get things done in 3-4 days. x

OMG so I finally reached London and I don’t think I want to leave soon. 
(Everyone says I don’t sound Australian??)

I went to the West End Theatres last night and saw The 39 Steps and it was hilarious!! There was only 4 cast members and they brilliantly played various roles. 

I’ve been to 3 museums/galleries here and I love love love how it’s free! 
(I’ve seen 3 of the 5/7? Sunflowers by Van Gogh on this trip so far)
After refreshing my the Warner Brothers Studio page for a night I finally was able to get tickets to the Magical World of Harry Potter on Sunday!! And since I’m staying with a friend in London, I can splurge a bit while I’m there.

The only thing I don’t like about London is how expensive everything is when you convert pounds to dollars. I just don’t even want to think about it! If you’re earning the local currency, I don’t think it’s too bad?

So I think I’m going to the Ministry of Sound tonight with a friend that I met in Venice. That’s going to be quite the experience! I still have my chest infection, but I’m all med up. 

I’m going to walk to Kings Cross, and do a free walking tour. I still haven’t seen Big Ben and all yet. And probably hit up Shoreditch and all the street art after brunch tomorrow.


I miss my crazy Bavarians. 

05:50 Day 24 - The view outside. (Festung Hohensalzburg)
16:47 Day 19 - Island hopping 🌴
16:47 Day 18 - Island pop up.
16:47 Day 18 -  Exploring Venezia.
16:46 Day 15 - The hike was worth the view! Vernazza by far was my favourite town of Cinque Terre.
16:46 Day 14 - Torre pendente di Pisa.